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SMM 500, 2000 and 6000 X Subsurface Mooring Monitoring Beacons

SMM 500 and 2000 Photo

Sub-surface Mooring Monitoring remotely monitors underwater moorings that may accidentally rise to the surface. If the mooring breaks, the platform floats to the surface and starts transmitting. The features are:

  • Titanium housing
  • Up to ten years mooring life (limited by used batteries, up to 6 months in euphotic zone)
  • Up to 9 (SMM 500) or 18 (SMM 2000 and 6000) months transmission life
  • Powered by 5 D size batteries (5 or 10 with SMM 2000 and 6000)
  • High efficiency "True Energy" switch mode power supply
  • Water depth up to 500, 2000 or 6000 metres respectively
  • Trigger threshold 4 metres (SMM 500) or 30 metres (SMM 2000 and 6000)
  • Double O-ring seals
  • Antenna protected by acetal resin (POM) dome (SMM 500) or cage (SMM 2000 and 6000)
  • Triggered by pressure switch
  • ARGOS platform terminal transmitter

High Efficiency "True Energy" Switch Mode Power Supply

All SMM X series instruments contain an internal switch mode power supply to allow usage of a wide range of battery types. Up to 80% of the batteries initial capacity is used for operation, regardless of cell voltage and current source capabilities. Benefits are:

Argos System

CLS Service Argos has developed a special service for monitoring the status of the moorings. Normally a submerged Platform Transmitter Terminal (PTT) remains silent and undetected by the Argos satellites. Should the mooring break loose however, and the PTT rise to within a few metres of the surface, it will begin to transmit. An alarm state is set upon reception of the signal by an orbiting satellite and recognition and processing at a ground centre. A warning that the mooring line has surfaced, with its position, will be sent to the user by facsimile. Thereafter each satellite pass will result in another location. This will continue until cancelled by the user.


 SMM 500 XSMM 2000 XSMM 6000 X
Mooring depth500 m2000 m6000 m
Pressure switch threshold3 - 5 m25 - 35 m
Dimensions (l x d)853 x 60.3 mm742 x 89 mm
Mass without batteries3.8 kg6.7 kg
Displacement2.4 dm33.1 dm3
Power supply5 pcs. D size cells5 or 10 pcs. D size cells resp.
Battery cell voltage0.8 - 3.7 V
Peak supply current100 mA
Average power consumption when surfaced35 mW
Mooring lifeup to 10 years
Mooring life in euphotic zoneup to 6 monthsnot applicable
Transmission lifeup to 9 monthsup to 18 months

Mooring and transmission life depend on the type (chemistry) and number (5 or 10 pcs.) of the used batteries.

Due to the internal antenna the SMM 500 X may be used in euphotic zones (up to 200 m).


Additional Information

SiS GmbH reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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