SiS Sensoren Instrumente Systeme GmbH

Shipping Instructions for Repair and Calibration

General Information

Prior to shipping any instruments you should contact SiS. We often can give you estimated costs and delivery times if we have detailed information. All parcels should be sent prepaid to SiS. Please send us a copy of the AWB by fax or email direct after shipment. After receipt of the parcel we will check the instruments and send you a detailed quotation. Please pack carefully, as SiS is not responsible for freight damage.

Shipping address

SiS Sensoren Instrumente Systeme GmbH
Muehlenkoppel 12
D-24222 Schwentinental
Tel.: +49-431-79972-0

Shipment Inside EC

Please include a delivery note. The delivery note should state the types and serial numbers of all instruments and your V.A.T. registration number. If we did not have your V.A.T. ID we must invoice the German V.A.T. (currently 19%).

Shipment Outside EC

There must be a commercial / proforma invoice outside the parcel (at least one signed original and two copies). This commercial invoice must state "Return Goods for Repair / Selbstverzoller", "Value for customs purpose only" and show the types and serial numbers of all instruments. The value of goods should be according to the original invoices for the instruments. If you did not know the values and can not estimate them, we will send you the values on request. You may find examples of commercial invoices on the web page of your carrier. The AWB must also state "Return Goods for Repair / Selbstverzoller" in the description of goods/contents field. If documents are missing or the statements are not present we will pass on the German customs duty to the customer.

Return of Goods

By default we will return the goods by UPS Express or German Post AG. The shipping costs may be invoiced or billed to the receiver. When billing the receiver we need your account number and the forwarder (UPS, FedEx, or DHL). Please specify all necessary return information (forwarder, billing, insurance, account number, customs broker) with your purchase order. After shipping of the goods we will send you a notification by fax or email with copies of all documents (AWB, commercial invoice, delivery note, invoice).

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