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New Product Family: Marine Recovery Beacons (MRB)

Surfaced ROVs or AUVs, floating buoys and drifting marine platforms may be found more easily by the research vessel's recovery team when equipped with SiS Marine Recovery Beacons. This family of beacons also helps the finding of deep-sea landers and underwater moorings that may have surfaced inadvertently or have been released acoustically on a specific command. With the Marine Recovery Beacon series of products, one has the means to recover one's instruments at any time under any environmental circumstances.

The new family consists of the following:

Strobe Light Beacon SLB 6000
GPS Radio Beacon GRB 6000
ARGOS Radio Beacon ARB 6000
The common features of Marine Recovery Beacons are:

SiS GmbH reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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