SiS Sensoren Instrumente Systeme GmbH

Company Profile

General Activities

SiS is a company founded in 1984 with the emphasis on the field of sensors, instruments and systems in marine sciences, meteorology, environment, calibration equipment and engineering services. Besides own products a number of well-known manufacturers are represented.


Since 1997 SiS resides in Schwentinental, quarter Klausdorf near Kiel.

Research & Development

The R&D staff consists of applied physicists, computer scientists, engineers, technicians and craftsmen. Fields of interest are sensor development, precision analog electronics, high resolution fast data acquisition systems, µ-controller hard- and software. Autonomous battery powered systems. Metrologic grade standards and instruments. Software development for technical and scientific applications. IEEE-bus controlled measuring systems. Optical remote sensing, satellite telemetry.

Test Facilities & Services

Pressure test vessel up to 1000 bar. Pressure calibration with relative accuracy of 3x10-4. Temperature calibration laboratory according to ITS-90 with metrological standards in the range of -5 to 40 °C. Resolution, reproducibility and absolute accuracy of 10 µK, 100 µK and 200 µK respectively. Our test facilities and R&D capabilities are offered to customers for commercial services or user-specific developments. CLS Argos Services. Software tools. Consulting.

Visit the calibration page for a list of our equipment.

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